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Answer 1. Which important stem-decay fungus was used as a source of body paint by Indians in the Northwest?
Answer 2. What tree pathogen was thought to be sent to earth by gods, carried by a divine messenger? It was, and to some extent still is, considered to have medicinal value.
Answer 3. Name a fungus of medicinal and religious importance to Northwestern Indians that was also used as a source of quinine by pharmacologists into this century.
Answer 4. What was the food of the god, Trauco, of the Chilean Indians?  Trauco was associated with fertility and, perhaps bolstered by this food, was said to visit unwed women at night and get them pregnant.
Answer 5. What fungus was used as tinder, to start and carry fire, by Europeans and North Americans?
Answer 6. Which decay fungus has traditionally been used as a "canvas" for the creation of folk art?
Answer 7. Which common stem-decay fungus of hardwoods has been used as a traditional source of medicine and has been investigated in modern times for potential anti-cancer properties?
Answer 8. What tree pathogen was thought to have spiritual power to force ghosts and evil spirits to human subjection? It was also used as a symbol of good luck and fertility.
Answer 9. In 1991 a Neolithic "Ice Man" was discovered buried in the ice in the Alps with his traveling gear intact. He carried two fungi. What fungus did he use for making and carrying fire?
Answer 10. What other fungus was carried by the Ice Man in the previous question?

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