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The Forest Pathology Committee serves the professional community of scientists working on tree diseases. We share information, provide networking opportunities, and represent the profession on relevant issues.

The purpose of this web page is to be an information source about committee activities. This is our "external page", which is accessible to anyone. Current committee members also have access to our "collaboration page" that is hosted on the APS website.

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  Upcoming Sessions being planned for the APS Mtg in Minneapolis,MN, August 9-13, 2014

Pre-meeting Forest Pathology Field Trip: August 8-9: departing from Minneapolis on Friday a.m., overnight in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, return to Minneapolis Saturday p.m. Explore Forest Health Issues of the Bluff and Coulee Country along the Upper Mississippi River. Topics may include Heterobasidion root disease in red pine, walnut/nut tree health, oak wilt management, wood decay in quality hardwoods, and new opportunities with American elm.

Special Session at APS meeting: Destructive Tree Diseases Associated with Ambrosia/ Bark Beetles: Black Swan Events in Tree Pathology.

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Last Updated:29 January 2014