APS Forest Pathology Committee

December 2007                                                         2007/2008 Issue no. 1

Annual Meeting Held July 2007

Members of the Committee and several other interested individuals met from 8 to 10 pm, July 28, during the 2007 APS/SON Annual Meeting at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego, CA.  Draft minutes of that session are available for your review at the committee’s website, www.forestpathology.org/aps/index.html. In addition, the minutes will be distributed as a separate file to all members with the mailing of this news update.  Please send any comments or needed corrections for the minutes to Jennifer Juzwik, the 2007-08 Committee Chairperson, at jjuzwik@fs.fed.us .

Planning for 2008 APS Centennial Celebration

The 2008 national APS meeting will be an historic occasion as the society celebrates its 100th year.  All members are encouraged to attend this “long planned for” meeting as the society takes a retrospective look at its history of excellence and a look forward to its future of promise.  The meeting will be held July 26-30 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The special format for the centennial meeting will result in somewhat fewer special sessions/symposia than normally held at APS national meetings.  However, committee members have been very active in developing the traditional, pre-meeting Forest Pathology Field Trip and two symposia. 

The symposium organizers are currently awaiting final word as to whether the revised versions of their proposed sessions have been officially accepted.

Other Committee Activities and Issues

  1. Forest Pathology Family Tree Project – Interest was expressed at the committee meeting in documenting or commemorating our forest pathology legacy in the USA.  The topic was not deemed suitable for a special session, but the discussion led to a post-meeting offer by Kim Camilli and her University of Nevada colleague (Chandalin Bennett) to construct a family tree of forest pathologists.  Kim has started by obtaining similar family trees developed in at least two regions in past years.  She has also solicited input from forest pathologists via an announcement on ForPath.  For further information and to submit your history, please contact Kim by email (kcamilli@cabnr.unr.edu).  The goal is to have a reproducible version of the tree ready by the 2008 APS meeting. Thank you, Kim and Chandalin!
  2. Feature Article for APS-net online – Monica Elliott, editor for the feature stories of APSnet, asked the leaders of the Forest Pathology Committee to suggest or provide authors for a centennial theme focused article concerning forest pathology.  In particular, she indicated a summary of dominating forest diseases during the past 100 years would be of interest to the general membership.  Mike Ostry, mostry@fs.fed.us, has kindly accepted the challenge of developing a manuscript in conjunction with other colleagues.  The published proceedings (Phytopathology, August 2003 issue) of a 2000 APS meeting Forest Pathology symposium (with a turn of the century theme) has been a springboard for discussion of the article.
  3. Request for Committee Members’ Input to the APS List of Proposed Organisms to Sequence - Re: Microbial Genome Sequencing Program FY2008 (National Science Foundation initiative):  Scott Gold (sgold@uga.edu) has asked APS Subject Matter Committees to send him their input concerning the APS list revision request for high priority pathogens that should be sequenced.  PLEASE send your input (organism and brief justification) to Jennifer Juzwik (jjuzwik@fs.fed.us) or Ned Klopfenstein (nklopfenstein@fs.fed.us) NO LATER THAN January 7, 2008, so a committee response can be formulated.
  4. Forest Pathology Committee Website (http://www.forestpathology.org/aps/) Linda Haugen, webmaster for the committee web-pages, requested that members take a look at the current site and send her any comments or suggestions for changes/improvements.  Contact Linda at:  lhaugen@fs.fed.us

Current Members of the APS Forest Pathology Committee
FYI -- The current committee roster includes:
Jennifer Juzwik, USDA Forest Service, St. Paul, MN (current chair)
Mee-Sook Kim, Univ. of Idaho and USDA Forest Service, Moscow, ID (immediate past chair)
Ned Klopfenstein, USDA Forest Service, Moscow, ID (vice-chair)
Gary Chastagner, Washington State University, Puyallup
Mo-Mei Chen, University of California, Berkeley
Brooke Aurora Edmunds, North Carolina State University, Morrisville
Susan Frankel, USDA Forest Service, Albany, CA
Everett Hansen, Oregon State University, Corvallis
Linda Haugen, USDA Forest Service, St. Paul, MN
Nathan Kleczewski, Ohio State University, Columbus
Gaston LaFlamme, Canadian Forest Service, Quebec, QC, Canada
William MacDonald, West Virginia University, Morgantown
Robert Marra, Conneticut Agric. Expt. Station, New Haven
Margaret Mmbaga, Tennessee State University, McMinnville
Caroline Mohammed, University of Tasmania, Hobart
Joseph O’Brien, USDA Forest Service, St. Paul, MN
William Ostrofsky, Augusta, ME
Bryce Richardson, USDA Forest Service, Moscow, ID
David Rizzo, University of California, Davis
Simon Shamoun, Canadian Forest Service, Victoria, BC
Walter Shortle, USDA Forest Service, Durham, NH
Pauline Spaine, USDA Forest Service, Athens, GA
Chris Wallis, Ohio State University, Columbus
Paul Zambino, USDA Forest Service
James Zanzot, Auburn University, Auburn, AL