APS Forest Pathology Committee

Early July 2008                                                          2007/2008 Issue no. 2

Upcoming Annual Meeting Held July 2007
Members of the Committee and other interested colleagues will meet at 8:30 pm, Saturday, July 26, in the LaSalle room, Hilton Hotel, Minneapolis, MN, prior to the official start of the 2008 Centennial Meeting of the American Phytopathological Society, Minneapolis Convention Center.  A tentative agenda for the meeting has been sent to members in an earlier mailing.  Draft minutes of the 2007 annual meeting of the committee are available for your review at the committee’s website, www.forestpathology.org/aps/index.html. Please send any comments or needed corrections for the minutes to Jennifer Juzwik, the current chair, at jjuzwik@fs.fed.us  or bring your recommended changes to the meeting.

Preparation for the 2008 Committee Meeting
Nominations for committee membership – Two nominations (David Noshad; Ellen Goheen) for committee membership have been received so far.  Current members are invited to nominate colleagues, graduate students, or other appropriate individuals for membership.  Self-nominations are also accepted. The following guidelines for nominations are listed in the APS Manual of Operations:

  1. Nomminee is an APS member (cannot be appointed unless the individual joins APS),
  2. Nominee is willing to serve on the committee,
  3. Nominees appointed should reflect goals of the committee and APS, e.g. high standard of excellence in plant pathology, reflect the breadth in professional service of the discipline, such as academia, industry, government, consulting.
  4. Are appointed for 3 year terms.

Special sessions for 2009 - The Committee has a history of sponsoring one or more special sessions for each APS national meeting.  In order to prepare for committee discussions on possible topics for the 2009 meeting in Portland, OR, members are strongly encouraged to review special sessions held during previous years (see “historical session listing” at http://www.apsnet.org/meetings/Planning/) and use the special session planning form (will be attached to email with this newsletter) to jot down topic ideas and potential speakers.  Thanks in advance for doing so!

Forest Pathology Committee Sponsored Sessions - 2008 APS Centennial Celebration

Over 67 participants are registered for the two day Forest Pathology Field Trip.  Special mailings on the details of the trip activities and accommodations have been sent to registered participants.  A special historical review by forest pathology “old-timers” is planned for Friday evening in Cloquet, MN.  A hearty “thank-you” to Joe O’Brien for organizing this trip!

Two symposia sponsored by the Forest Pathology Committee will be held during the Centennial Meeting.  These include:  1) “If We Had Known Then What We Know Now: Reflections on Catastrophic Tree Diseases,” organized by George Hudler, and 2) “Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Diseases in Natural Ecosystems: Using History to Predict the Future,” organized by Bryce Richardson.  Special thanks to George and  Bryce for all their hard work in arranging for speakers, abstracts, etc.

Other Committee Activities and Issues

  1. Forest Pathology Family Tree Project – The results of the hard work by Kim Camilli and Chandalin Bennett will be displayed as a poster during the Forest Pathology Field Trip and during the 2008 Centennial Meeting. 
  2. Feature Article for APS-net online – Mike Ostry led the effort to provide an historical piece on forest diseases of significance for the May 2008 feature story on APSnet.  Check the archives online if you haven’t seen it!
  3. Forest Pathology Committee Support for Proposed Organisms to Sequence (re: Microbial Sequencing Program FY2008) – Ned Klopfenstein prepared a letter of support from the committee leadership for a proposal to sequence Cronartium quercuum f.sp. fusiforme. The letter was submitted with a proposal package prepared by colleagues in the southern US. 
  4. Declining Numbers of Forest Pathologists - Dr. David Gadoury (Dept. Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Geneva, NY) and Dr. Jim MacDonald (U of California, Davis), are chairs of two APS ad hoc committees looking at the past, present and future of plant pathology professionals and of plant pathology graduate education in the USA, respectively.  David contacted Jennifer Juzwik, APS Forest Pathology Committee Chair, in late June in the hope of obtaining information on the change in numbers of university faculty with responsibilities in teaching, research, and/or extension at 10 or so universities in the USA.  David is particularly interested in documenting how those numbers have changed.  He is writing a feature article for Plant Disease on this topic and requires input as soon as possible.  A special email request was sent to all committee members and other colleagues at selected universities.
  5. Forest Pathology Committee Website (http://www.forestpathology.org/aps/) – check it out for minutes of the 2007 committee meeting and other items.