Draft Minutes:July 27, 2002 meeting of the Forest Pathology Committee of the American Phytopathological Society

The meeting was called to order by outgoing chairperson Linda Haugen at 8:37 pm in Room 103D of the Midwest Express Center, Milwaukee, WI.

Other committee members in attendance were: Glen Stanosz (vice-chairperson, incoming chairperson), Pierluigi (Enrico) Bonello, Susan Cohen (incoming vice-chairperson), Mee-Sook Kim, Ned Klopfenstein, Gaston LaFlamme, Steve Oak, and Paul Zambino. As is our custom, other members of the APS with interests in Forest Pathology also were in attendance.

Linda Haugen reviewed the lists of threatening pathogens not present or with very limited distribution in the U. S. that was posted on APSnet in October 2001, noting inclusion of several tree pathogens (http://www.apsnet.org/online/feature/exotic/Tables1and2.pdf).

Volunteers were solicited for provision of input to theAPS list of priority organisms for microbial genome sequencing. Ned Klopfenstein and Louis Bernier volunteered to make contact with the group preparing this list and to provide forest pathogens to be considered for inclusion.

Mee-Sook Kim reported that over $600 had been raised for the Forest Pathology student travel fund (of $2500 minimum needed to initiate the award). A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to request of APS that any surplus arising from the Forest Pathology field trip be allocated to this travel fund. Glen Stanosz agreed to make this request to APS, and also to request about the potential for members to solicit industry donations for the travel fund.

Committee members Linda Haugen and Paul Zambino, assisted by Carla Thomas, volunteered to consider content of the APS Forest Pathology web pages and make proposals to the committee to be approved at a later date. Pages may include a "splash" page of basic committee information including a committee mission statement and an active page that might contain committee information such as minutes, announcements, the annual report, etc., but also could serve as a gateway site to pages with tree health information.

It was noted that the IUFRO working party function of maintaining a world directory of forest pathologists and entomologists had been adopted by Dale Bergdahl who maintains the "forpath" and "forent" listserves.

Enrico Bonello suggested committee activity to "lobby" for forest pathology funding opportunities. It was decided that if an individual or group chose to investigate and draft a letter or statement on the subject, the committee would review it and consider forwarding it to APS leadership. It was not clear, however, what action would be requested of the leadership. Enrico Bonello said he would consider this possibility further.

The busy schedule of activities organized wholly or in part under the auspices of the committee for this year's meeting was reviewed (2 field trips and 3 sessions) with thanks to the organizers.

Steve Oak proposed (and the committee approved) organization of a two-day forest pathology field trip in advance of the 2003 meeting in Charlotte, NC. Possible subjects/locations include: the USFS screening center, oak health, the Cradle of Forestry, air quality issues, the American Chestnut Foundation farm at Meadowview, Mt. Rodgers, hemlock, frasier fir Christmas trees, northern hardwood cover types, the Piedmont region and littleleaf disease, etc.

Plans for 2003 and 2004 sessions were discussed. Dave Appel and Jennifer Juzwik will organize the 2003 symposium on diseases of oaks. Sue Cohen will be involved in organizing a 2003 discussion on exotics and their movement. Sessions to be pursued for the 2004 meeting include a symposium on tree-pathogen interactions (Bonello), teaching forest pathology, and diverse roles of pathogens in forest ecosystems. Glen Stanosz will contact Fred Baker and Det Vogler, respectively, regarding these sessions that they had proposed in past years.

As of this meeting, outgoing committee members include Bill Otrosina, Paul Zambino, and John Kliejunas who are thanked for their service. Nominated replacements are Dave Appel, Kim Camilli, Susan Frankel, Jill Hoff, and Paul Zambino who agreed to be incoming Vice-chairperson (following Sue Cohen).

Respectfully submitted, Glen R. Stanosz, September 23, 2002