Draft Minutes: August 2003 meeting of the Forest Pathology Committee of the American Phytopathology Society

The meeting was called to order by outgoing chairperson Glen Stanosz in the Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Other committee members in attendance were: Sue Cohen (incoming chair), Ned Klopfenstein, Matteo Garbelotto, Mee-Sook Kim, Terry Shaw, Steve Oak, David Appel, Paul Zambino (incoming vice-chair), Kim Camilli

Recognition of deceased forest pathologists: Glen Snow, USDA Forest Service and Dave Shriner, USDA Forest Service, and Bob Patton, University of Wisconsin

Minutes of 2002 meeting were approved by committee membership.

Appreciation for outstanding APS Field Trip organized by Steve Oak. Highlights were the challenges in managing oak decline and chestnut blight.

APS forest pathology committee requested Jackie Fletcher, APS President send a letter to APHIS containing comments on the proposed “Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade”. Letter sent to APHIS was posted on the APS web site under APS positions. Previous resolution on wood importation is also posted on the web site.

Web page design was approved and Linda Haugen will be web master for 2003-2004. Paul Zambino has agreed to assist Linda Haugen.

Update on APS student travel award given. Mee-Sook Kim has collected $1772.00 to date. One thousand dollars was added during the year prior to the APS 2003 meeting. APS Foundation will authorize an award with $2500.00. The award still needs $600.00 to be instituted. Funds ($450.00) from the forest pathology field trip will be assigned to the APS travel award to move closer to the goal of $2500.00.

Microbial Genome Sequencing Priority List-APS has designated 10 pathogens as highest priority and 15 pathogens as priority for sequencing. Louis Bernier, Ned Klopfenstein and Paul Zambino prepared responses to the list. Forest pathology high priority pathogens were Ophiostoma novi-ulmi, Armillaria ostoyae and Cronartium ribicola. No guarantee that these three pathogens would be included in highest priority listing. [Update: these pathogens were listed in high priority category not immediate priority]

APS book press has asked if any forest pathologists are interested in writing a book on oak diseases. All parties interested in participating in the book project should meet on Wednesday at 6:45 am in the Hilton restaurant.

Announcement of 2003 APS sessions—symposia on oak threats and world wide movement of wood as pathway for fungal pathogens

APS 2004 field trip will be organized by Dave Rizzo in California. A two day field trip would include the Bay area to Anaheim. Matteo Garbelotto will be involved in the field trip.

APS sessions proposed for 2004 are: 1) host-microbe interactions with woody plants organized by Pierluigi Bonello, 2) innovative ideas for teaching and extension-cosponser-1 speaker from Forest Pathology should be included, and 3) naturalization processes of exotic forest pathogens organized by Ned Klopfenstein

Outgoing committee members include Glen Stanosz, Joe O’Brien, Matteo Garbelotto, Ned Klopfenstein, and Pierluigi Bonello. Nominees and suggestions for people to ask: incoming committee members include: Jim Walla, Paul Hennon, Ellen Goheen, and Bill Livingston. [Update: Cindy Ash, Daniel Collins, Larry Englander, and Jeffrey Stone have been approved by APS for 2005 forest pathology committee membership]

Nominees for vice-chair of committee: to be determined later [Update: Pierluigi Bonello will serve as vice-chair]

Respectively submitted, Susan D. Cohen, Chair of the APS Forest Pathology Committee