Minutes of Forest Pathology Committee Meeting, 7/31/2004 – Notes by P. Zambino

Meeting was called to order by Sue Cohen, presiding chair. From circulated list, 20 were in attendance.

New members were welcomed:
Cindy Ash; Dan Collins; Linda Englander; Jeffrey Stone.

Thanks to outgoing members/officers:
Matteo Garbelotto; Ned Klopfenstein; Joe O’Brien / Glen Stanosz, for his role as last year’s chair.

Draft minutes from 2003:
Email responses were requested from committee members for correcting and approving the draft of the previous year’s minutes, which Linda Haugen will post on the web site. Motion was carried to accept the minutes, pending corrections (http://www.na.fs.fed.us/aps_forestpath/).

Nominations to committee for 2005-2008 term:
The following were suggested, or self nominated:
Bill McDonald, George Hudler, James (Djibo) Zanzot
Others with interest may self-nominate following the meeting, and still be included on the list sent to APS for approval. Incoming chair Paul Zambino will contact nominees to ensure their interest and check for conflicts with APS’s “one subject matter committee only” rule. Terms for current members are posted on web.

Nomination for future president:
Paul Zambino is incoming chair, acting chair as of the close of meeting.
Pierluigi (Enrico) Bonello will be chair for the annual meeting in Quebec City in 2006.
Mee-Sook Kim was nominated and unanimously voted in as the next chair-elect, and will act as vice chair at the 2006 meeting, and chair for the 2007 meeting at San Diego.

Liaison to the International Society of Arboriculture:
The next 3 year term of this position, currently held by Jay Stipes, will be assumed by Dan Neely.

Request for information for APS plant pathology priority document:
This document is being drawn up by APS ad hoc committee to set priorities regarding research and the practice of plant pathology. Chair Sue Cohen requested suggestions and supporting information by August 12, for her to meet a deadline for comments on August 15. Dan Collins volunteered to work with Sue on this.

Report on Genomic Sequencing List:
Scott Gold maintains the list of plant pathogens recommended by APS for total genomic sequencing. The list is posted on the APS web site. Updates on sequencing progress are as follows: Phytophthora ramorum, agent of sudden oak death, has now been sequenced.

There are no forest pathogens currently in the “priority” sequencing list, but several forest pathogens are in the “next 25” list. The committee would like to see one of the following forest pathogens elevated to the “priority” list: 1) Ophiostoma novo- ulmi, 2) Armillaria ostoyae, 3) Cronartium ribicola, or 4) Cryphonectria parasitica.


Report on APSForest Pathology Student Travel Award:
The first award was granted to Kelly Mann, Michigan State University, working with Dennis Fulbright on oak wilt. Balance of the fund as of the meeting was ca $3000. Mee-Sook Kim, who has spearheaded the efforts to establish this fund, made the plea that if another $3000 could be raised, then one award could be offered every year, instead of one every other year. These awards are supported by the annual forest pathology field trips and donations made at the APS booth.

Report on Forest Pathology Committee Web page:
As the APS web page currently stands, the APS-sponsored splash page lists officers and links to the subject matter page. This latter page uses the U.S. Forest Service – North Central Research Station server, and Linda Haugen is the contact (lhaugen@fs.fed.us).

Questions regarding increasing utility of the Committee web page:
Ned Klopfenstein wondered whether power point presentations from special sessions sponsored by the Forest Pathology Committee could be put on the web. Joe O’Brien suggested that there would be plenty of space on the North Central server. For this possibility to work, session moderators should check and get permission or rejection from each presenter, and then send all approved presentations to be posted at the same time.

2004 Forest Pathology Field Trip Highlights:
Thanks go to Dave Rizzo, Tom Gordon, and Det Vogler who arranged and coordinated this trip. Highlights were pitch canker in Monterey, sudden oak death and other sites of interest in Big Sur and San Luis Obispo, and fire and bark beetle mortality in San Bernardino Mountains. 41 people were registered for the trip.

Upcoming 2005 Field Trip:
Dave Appel and Kim Camilli will coordinate the Forest Pathology trip for the 2005 APS meeting in Austin, Texas (July 30-August 3). Possibilities for a one day trip include: Oak wilt in Texas in urban, rural, and ranch settings, with control and trenches; Xylellafastidiosa, a Texas winery with Pierce’s disease; pecan scab in production areas. A two day trip could include eastern Texas, southern pine beetle damage, pitch canker, and possibly beer and barbeque at a dude ranch.

2004 APS Symposia:
Attention was drawn to the following symposia at this year’s meeting:
The symposium in the area of Molecular/Cellular Plant – Microbe Interactions: Host-microbe interactions in woody plants, organized by Enrico Bonello and Paul Zambino and co-sponsored by the Forest Pathology Committee and the Biochemistry, Physiology, and Molecular Biology Committee.

The symposium in the area of Epidemiology/Ecology/Environmental Plant Pathology: Co-evolutionary Processes of Introduced Pathogens and Hosts in Natural Ecosystems, organized by Bryce Richardson, Ned Klopfenstein, and Mee-Sook Kim, and co-sponsored by the Forest Pathology and Graduate Student Committees.

The favorable scheduling of these two symposia was also noted.

Sessions proposed for 2005 at the committee meeting:
Jenny Juzwik proposed organizing a session on origin and spread of the oak wilt fungus, Ceratocystis fagacearum, because of the timeliness of the topic as a major problem in Texas. Several speakers were suggested.

Ned Klopfenstein proposed a session on fungal endophytes in woody plants in natural ecosystems, and mentioned several suggestions for speakers. Ned also proposed an alternative session on phylogeography.

A request was made that any additional titles with lists of potential speakers, with estimates of funding requests be submitted to the chair or incoming chair by Tuesday, prior to the meeting of the planning committee.

Sessions for 2006:
Sessions to develop for 2006 included 1) a symposium on the spread and intensification of forest pathogens in heterogeneous landscapes, to be co-organized by Paul Zambino and John Lundquist (Epidemiology Committee) and 2) a session (perhaps informal) on urban forestry, possibly on mulches, fertilizer, and compaction, with involvement by Dan Collins.

Upcoming SOD meeting reminder:
There was a reminder by Susan Frankel that the 2 nd Sudden Oak Death Symposium would be held Jan 18-21, 2005 in Monterey, CA.

Recognition in memoria for persons whose lives have had an impact on Forest Pathology:
Howard Krebill, Forest Geneticist at Ohio State University
Bob Patton, Plant Pathologist at University of Wisconsin.
Bill Merrill, Forest Pathologist at Pennsylvania State University.