Minutes of APS Forest Pathology Committee Annual Meeting, 7/29/2006, Québec City, Québec – Drafted by Mee-Sook Kim


Meeting was called to order by Pierluigi Bonello, presiding chair, at 7:10 PM.  Approx. 25 were in attendance.


New members were welcomed: Jenny Juzwik, Gaston LaFlamme, Robert Marra, Caroline Mohammed, Joe O’Brien, Simon Shamoun, Walter Shortle, and Pauline Spaine


Paul Zambino, immediate past chair, was recognized for his work on the committee.


Recognition of outgoing members: David Appel, Kim Camilli, Susan Frankel, Jill Hoff


Approval of 2005 meeting minutes:

Email responses were requested from committee members prior to the meeting to correct and approve the draft of the previous year’s minutes, as posted on the committee’s web site by Linda Haugen. Motion was carried to accept the minutes.


2006 agenda:

Motion was carried to approve the agenda for the 2006 committee meeting.


Nomination of committee members for 2007 – 2010 term: Chris Wallis, Nate Kleczewski, Paul Zambino, Susan Frankel, John Lundquist


Currently, we have a total of 26 committee members!


Nomination for Vice Chair (Vice Chair for 2008 Minneapolis meeting, Chair for 2009 Portland meeting)

Enrico Bonello is acting chair, and will be immediate past chair as of the close of meeting.

Mee-Sook Kim will be acting chair as of the close of meeting.

Jenny Juzwik will be acting vice-chair as of the close of meeting and chair in 2007-2008.


Motion was carried to nominate Ned Klopfenstein to become vice chair in 2007-2008 and chair in 2008-2009.


APS Foundation Student Travel Award Fund - Forest Pathology:

Current balance is $4,662.36. Matthew Kasson is the recipient of the 2006 Forest Pathology Student Travel Award. He will be presenting his paper, entitled “Beech mortality and drought in Maine”, on Tuesday August 2.


The vice chair solicited contributions to the fund which, once it contains $8,000, will become self sustaining, with the possibility of giving one award per year.


The selection committees for APS Student Travel Awards are composed of several scientists representing universities and industries, with one graduate student from the Graduate Student Committee. The APS Foundation manages their funds through a professional fund-management company.


Ned Klopfenstein proposed to set up other Student Travel Funds, named for retired forest pathologists. 


Upcoming meetings related to forest pathology


International Tree-Failure Database (Kerry Britton for Jim Worrall): This is designed for arborists. More data is needed to populate the database for this effort.


Forest Pathology Committee Web Page: www.forestpathology.org: This is a great resource and is linked to the APS website.


2006 Forest Pathology Field Trip:

Louis Bernier was recognized for all his work in organizing the field trip, which included white pine blister rust, Annous root rot, and other diseases. Approximately 65 people attended.


Louis expressed concerns regarding the communication breakdown between APS Headquarter staff and organizers. This needs to be addressed. (Mee-Sook)


The length (1 day vs. 2 days) of the Forest Pathology Field Trip will continue to be the organizers’ preference. 


Proposed 2006 Field Trip in San Diego:

Contact: USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection staff in California (e.g. Andy Kuntz). One possible field-trip highlight: fire – forest disease interactions.


Proposed Session for 2007 and 2008:

Funding ($1,000-$2,000) will be solicited to support invited symposium speakers who are non-APS members. Potential sessions are:



Discussion on proposed format for contributed talks sessions:

For the 2008 “Centennial” meeting, Ray Martyn has proposed a potential format that would minimize or eliminate contributed oral papers and increase/boost poster presentations. This would be done by limiting general session talks to 5 min / 3 slides introductions to generate interest in corresponding poster sessions.


Members of Forest Pathology Committee were unanimously opposed to new formats. They all agreed that contributed papers are very important, especially for graduate students and post-docs. Enrico and Mee-Sook delivered this message to Ray Martyn.


Forest pathology symposia topics proposed for 2008:

Forest Pathology of the Americas: history and next movement


Other business related to forest pathology:

From Kerry Britton - AHPIS suggested that we come up with a list of forest pathogens that have potential for bioterrorism. The committee proposed no organisms!!!



Orson K. Miller, Mycologist


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.