2007 APS Forest Pathology Committee Meeting
Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego, CA
July 28, 2007

Old Business:

Committee membership items
Committee chair, Mee-Sook Kim welcomed newly appointed members of the Forest Pathology Committee.  The following individuals were nominated for membership at the 2006 annual meeting held in Quebec City, PQ, Canada: Chris Wallis, Nate Kleczewski, Paul Zambino, and Susan Frankel

Mee-Sook expressed appreciation on behalf of the entire committee to Enrico Bonello, the immediate past chair of the committee.  His hard work was noted and appreciated.

The committee has four individuals “rotating off” of the committee roster.  These include: Daniel Collins, Larry Englander, Cynthia Kanner, and Jeffrey Stone.  Mee-Sook expressed appreciation on behalf of the entire committee to these individuals.

Approval of 2006 meeting minutes
Email responses were requested from committee members prior to the 2007 annual meeting with needed corrections for the 2006 annual meeting minutes.  Mee-Sook revised the minutes based on corrections and other input received.  The minutes were approved as corrected by a unanimous vote of the members present.  The approved minutes will be posted on the committee’s web site (http://www.forestpathology.org/aps/index.html)by Linda Haugen.

New Business:

  1. Committee Members and Leader Business

Nomination of committee members for 2008 – 2010 term:
Mee-Sook Kim requested that the members consider and nominate individuals to serve on the committee in the coming 3 years.

Ned Klopfenstein nominated:  Linda Haugen, Bryce Richardson;
Paula Spaine nominated:  Bill Ostrosina, Guo Qinfeng;
Mo-Mei Chen nominated: Yun Wu (USDA Forest Service, FHTET);
Kerry Britton nominated Margaret Mmbaga. 
The members present voted that all should be accepted as members.  [Editor’s note:  The nominations must then be reviewed according to the APS rules on committee membership.  Final, accepted nominations are then forwarded to the national APS office before January of the coming year.]

Nomination for Vice Chair-elect (i.e. individual would serve as Vice Chair for the Committee during the  2009 APS meeting in Portland, OR, and as Chair for the 2010 annual meeting)
Mee-Sook explained the rotation by stating that she is the current chair during the 2007 annual meeting, but becomes the immediate past chair as of the close of this meeting.
Jennifer Juzwik, the current Vice-Chair, then becomes the Chairperson at the close of the 2007 APS meeting. Furthermore, Ned Klopfenstein will become the Vice-Chair at the close of the 2007 APS meeting.

Following that explanation, nominations were requested for an individual to serve as Vice Chair in 2008-09 and as Chairperson in 2009-2010.  Paula Spaine was nominated and she accepted the nomination.  She was unanimously approved as the incoming Vice-Chair for 2008-09.

2. 2008 proposed session discussion – (Jenny Juzwik and Mee-Sook Kim)

Mee-Sook and Jenny briefly presented the vision and plans already made by the APS Program Committee for the 2008 Centennial Meeting of APS.  The instructions to the committees provided by the Program Committee Chair, Jim Moyer, were also briefly summarized.  In general, the number of symposia in 2008 will be fewer than in a normal national meeting; furthermore, the symposia should be in line with the Centennial meeting theme, “History of Excellence, Future of Promise.”  Several potential sessions were proposed by members present and described as follows:

3. National Invasive Species Council’s plant pathology committee and other business (Kerry Britton) –
Kerry is raising awareness of forest pathogens within this council, including the APS Forest Pathology Committee.  She highlighted several issues of concern or interest.

The Solid Wood Packing Materials Standard is “coming under fire” and there is need to discuss current guidelines, particularly the pathogens addressed by the standards.

The Plants for Planting Rule is also being revised as part of this Council’s work.  There is a network of central plantings around the world.  Cooperators in locations with such plantings could be asked to report on insect pests and diseases on these.  Kerry will propose this idea to the upcoming IUFRO meeting on alien species (to be held May 2008, in Shepherstown, WV).

Interaction between pathogens/diseases and global change is a topic received attention in the USDA Forest Service.  In September 2007, there is a Forest Service meeting in Denver on the Forest Service research and development’s draft strategic plan on global change. Kerry asked that any individuals interested in attending the meeting would contact her.

4.  Kitty Cardwell, USDA ARS, briefly joined the committee meeting to give an information announcement.  She wanted to make sure that the Forest Pathology Committee is aware of the new Urban Forestry Initiative and its relationship to the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN).

5.  High Priority Invasive Forest Pathogen list (Susan Frankel) –
The list is being developed for an economic analysis by the Nature Conservancy. 

6. High Priority forest pathogen list for genome sequencing (Mee-Sook Kim) –

Armillaria ostoyae and mellea  - Proposed by Scott Gould and Mee-Sook Kim, but they were not selected for sequencing.
Cronartium ribicola and quercuum f. sp. fusiforme - Proposed by Scott Gould and Mee-Sook Kim, but were also not selected.

Ophiostroma novo-ulmi  - Louis Bernier proposed this species for sequencing

Heterobasidion annoum will be sequenced soon (Jan Stenlid proposed this one and funding support obtained)

Re:  select agents – Phytophthora kernoviae was listed.  Recovery plan will be written for P. kernoviae.

6. Shortage of Forest Pathologists (Walter Shortle) –

A survey of research forest pathologists in the USDA Forest Service, Research and Development Deputy Area, was completed and results collated by Walt Thies.  His findings showed 15 Permanent Full-Time positions (reflecting 11 FTE equivalents?), as of January of 2007 in the FS.

Kerry Britton referenced the 2006 Forest Service Highlights that presents the loss of scientists in various disciplines within the USDA Forest Service Research and Development area.

Paula Spaine voiced concern over what “we” (the APS Forest Pathology committee) can do about this problem.  Kerry is hoping the Invasive Species program area will raise awareness for the critical shortage; practical management tools are needed.

7. APS Foundation Student Travel Award Fund - Forest Pathology (Mee-Sook Kim)

The current balance of the fund is $5,662.36. No award was made this year due to inadequacy of funds. The minimum balance required by the APS Foundation for granting an annual award is $8,000. This award can make a big difference to graduate students who study forest pathology. Mee-Sook encouraged the committee members to consider donating to this fund.  There are several ways to do this.  Members can either donate to Forest Pathology Student Travel Fund when he/she pays their annual membership fee, donate via the APS Foundation website, or simply drop by the APS foundation booth in the Atlas Ballroom during the 2007 APS meeting.

8. Forest Committee Website (Mee-Sook Kim) – Linda Haugen maintains the website for the committee.  Linda is seeking input for improving the design, adding content, etc.  If members or others have comments on the website, they should contact Linda directly (lhaugen@fs.fed.us) or Mee-Sook Kim or Jenny Juzwik (jjuzwik@fs.fed.us).

9. Upcoming meetings related to forest pathology
- WIFDWC: Oct 15-19 (Sedona, Arizona) – contact:  Brian Geils
- NCFPWC – last week of September 2007
- IUFRO meeting on Alien Invasive Species, May 26- 2008 – contact: Kerry Britton
- Southwide Forest Pathology Workshop, January 2008, Savannah, GA
- IUFRO Biological Control of Forest Pathogens, September 2007, Beijing, China – Mo-Mei invited any interested persons to go to this meeting.

10. 2008 Forest Pathology Field Trip (Joe O’Brien)
Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry and the Forest Diseases Research Unit in St. Paul, MN, will organize a 2 day field trip for the 2008 APS Centennial Meeting.  The St. Croix River Valley and the Cloquet area are being considered.  George Hudler suggested a visit to the Port of Duluth. 

11.  Other business related to forest pathology…
George Hudler was asked about the future of ForPath and ForEnt, particularly with Dale Bergdahl’s retirement.  George suggested that this committee consider taking this on to ensure its’ future.  Jenny will contact Dale to find out the long-term plan for this network.

Mee-Sook Kim and Kerry Britton highlighted the Forest Pathology special sessions being held during the 2007 APS Meeting.

12. Memorium – Forest Pathologists who passed away this year include:
Dave Dwinnell
Al Shigo

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Juzwik