Forest Health Listservs

To minimize problems with webcrawlers and SPAM, e-mail addresses of listservs and individuals are provided indirectly. For example, the email address personx@location.edu is given as <(personx) at @location.edu>

International mailing lists (listservs) hosted by International Union of Forest Research Organizations

International forest pathology list hosted by IUFRO
International forest entomology list hosted by IUFRO

Regional groups in North America

Dale Bergdahl of the University of Vermont has developed a suite of e-mail lists to help forest health scientists communicate. Messages sent to the list go to every member, allowing rapid dissemination of forest health information and electronic discussion of forest health topics. These lists include:

North Central Forest Pest Workshop
Southwide Forest Pathology Workshop
Northeastern Forest Pathology Workshop
Western International Forest Disease Work Conference

To be added to a list, send an e-mail message to Dale Bergdahl <(dale.bergdahl) at @uvm.edu>
Include the name of the list(s) you want to be on, and the following information:

If you are on one of these lists, you send a message to the list by addressing it to <listname@list.uvm.edu> (substituting the list name above for listname).

Pest resistance subject area listservs

There are also two USDA Forest Service electronic mailing lists related to pest resistance. Subscription to these lists is open to anyone:

Blister Rust Resistance
<(blisterrust) at @srs.fs.usda.gov>: An international group of researchers and others working on development of blister rust resistance. This group will allow exchange of ideas on genetic diversity of hosts and pathogen, resistance responses, ideas for development of durable resistance, results of inter-specific hybridization, recent publications, exchange of seedlots, joint field studies, spread of the pathogen, change in virulence of the pathogen, related species of Cronartium that affect white pines, biocontrol options, endophytes and resistance, etc. Interactive role of molecular genetics and breeding.
Forest Tree Pest Resistance
<(resist) at @srs.fs.usda.gov>: Forum to discuss current plans, work, advances, and setbacks in breeding trees for pest resistance. Discuss general ideas or new techniques to aid in development of resistance. Operational deployment issues, potential of developing durable resistance, evolutionary potential of different pests. Interactive role of molecular genetics and breeding.

An online subscription form is available here:
Contact Richard Sniezko <(rsniezko) at @fs.fed.us> for further information.


Last modified 22 Mar, 2008