About this Site

About this Site

This site is provided as an aid to students and the community of forest pathology.

Those returning to the site after a certain interlude may notice that it has been dragged (kicking and screaming!) into the 21st century.  Web development has changed tremendously since I started the site over 20 years ago, and I finally made the time to update it, also adding photographs.  There is still much to do.

There are really three parts of this website:  (1) the web pages that present an overview of forest pathology;  (2) a blog in which forest pathologists can present and discuss ideas, findings, and current knowledge on a specialized topic, and;  (3) fora (I use the latin plural of forum) in which anyone may ask questions, post observations, and engage in discussions related to forest pathology.  Hopefully these sections will contribute to an international online community of forest pathology.

This site is dedicated to current and past students of ESF (College of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York). The pages were initiated while the author was Associate Professor at ESF, teaching Forest and Shade Tree Pathology, among other courses.

A calendar of upcoming forest pathology meetings is in the sidebar on the home page and in the blog and fora. If you have an event you would like to see listed there, please contact me.

Any comments you have about the design or content of these pages will be gladly received. Should more words be defined in the popup boxes (see below)? Should additional websites be linked? New references listed?   Please email me at .

The original site had pop-up definitions for scientific terms.  I will try to find a new way to do that when time allows.

The text and files presented in the web page section (except for some of the illustrations) are the intellectual property of the author.  You may use them for teaching or presentations with attribution.  Please do not copy any of the content for use in other websites or published material.

Throughout the site, symbols indicate links to US Forest Service publications:

“FIDLs” (Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets)
How-to Bulletins
Pest Alerts

About Registering, Commenting, Posting

Registered users can comment on blog posts and create and reply to topics in the fora.  Established forest pathologists and graduate students who wish to author blog posts are cordially invited to request an upgrade to do so.

In addition to your username, your real name is requested during registration.  Although you can change it in your profile, by default your real name will show when you enter a forum topic, comment, or author a blog post.  As this is a professional site, just like in a journal article, people should know who is making the statements.  I hope this will also reduce negative behavior that is rife on the internet.  Offensive content will be removed, and that bar will be set lower for people who hide behind anonymity.

Please remember the rules:

  1. Be nice.
  2. Keep it clean.
  3. Have fun.
  4. Help people learn.

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