Important Books and Papers

I will fill this out with important literature when time allows.  For now, if you can only afford or have room for one book on tree pathology, there is no doubt what it should be, at least in North America – Wayne Sinclair’s epic and magnificent Diseases of Trees and Shrubs:

Sinclair WA, Lyon HH. 2005. Diseases of Trees and Shrubs. Ithaca, New York, USA: Cornell University Press. 660 pp. 2nd ed.

This is a work of unparalleled scholarship, experience, and knowledge.  It is both broad and deep – an encyclopedic coverage of a large array of diseases.  Good color photographs accompany every disease section.  One can only imagine the incredible amount of work and time it took to put this together.  It is the most useful book in my pathology library.

At only $90, this book is an amazing value (you may find it cheaper on Amazon).  If you buy it, you will never regret it.  If you don’t buy it and it goes out of print, that’s a different story.

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