Results of the 2000 NCFPW Slide Contest

The traditional slide contest was held at the 2000 NCFPW during the technical sessions on Tuesday September 26th. There were five categories: Scientific/Technical Entomology, Scientific/Technical Pathology, Scientific/Technical Other, Scenic/Artistic and Fun/Amusing. Contestant's slides were shown to the group and winners selected by "secret ballot".
(Click on thumbnail photo for full scale rendition of photo)
Scientific/Technical, Entomology   Scientific/Technical, Pathology
Steve Katovich Steve Katovich
Photo of wasp on flower.
Photo of aspen gall.
Syrphid Oviposition on Balsam Fir   Galls on Aspen
Scientific - Other   Scenic/Artistic
Dana Richter Dana Richter
Photo of deer crossing frozen lake.
Photo of monarch caterpillar.
Deer Crossing Ice   Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar
Dana Richter
Photo of child falling on ice.
Young Person Discovers Ice

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