NCFPW – LaCrosse, WI
September 19 – 22, 2005
Business Meeting


Date: Wednesday, September 21; 5:00 pm


  1. Pursuit of 5013C status for NCFPW group.

    Joe O’Brien led a discussion on the pros and cons of gaining 5013C status for the NCFPW. Joe presented a summary of the process and what other similar groups have done. This summary was developed by Linda Haugen, who could not make the meeting. Much discussion centered on how the money for this meeting has been handled over the past few years and the multitude of problems caused by NOT being a tax exempt organization. Hosting states often have to open personal accounts to handle the money because the state systems are either too cumbersome or are not willing to be the accounting agencies for this organization. After much discussion, members present voted to pursue 5013C status for the NCFPW at the $500.00 level (cost of obtaining status). A committee was formed to 1) draft bylaws and send them out for comments to attendees of NCFPW and 2) pursue 5013C status – to be in place by Michigan’s meeting in 2006. Members of the committee are: Linda Haugen (chair), Bob Haack, Richard Wilson, Jana Albers and Jane Cummings Carlson

  2. Location of 2006 NCFPW

    Dana Richter, Deb McCullough and Andrew Storer discussed possible locations for the 2006 NCFPW. Stories of long-delayed flights out of airports in the UP moved the discussion towards hosting somewhere in the Lower Peninsula. Andrew suggested having the field trip make a stop in an area where EAB management is actively taking place. Our MI hosts will work out the details and information will be forthcoming.

    Submitted by Jane Cummings Carlson, WI DNR Forest Health Protection