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2005 NCFPW in LaCrosse, Wisconsin

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The 2005 North Central Forest Pest Workshop was held Monday September 19 through Thursday September 22 at Radisson Hotel in historic downtown LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Themes for the meeting were Pine Problems, Oak Pests, and Exotic Invasives.

On Monday afternoon, September 19th, the traditional fungal foray was held in a chestnut stand near West Salem. Registration and a welcome mixer were from 6-9 p.m. at the hotel.

Tuesday September 20th was spent on indoor sessions, highlighting pine problems in the morning and oak pests in the afternoon. On Tuesday evening the group took a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River.

Wednesday September 21st was the field trip, which included stops at the LaCrosse County Forest to view and discuss red pine pocket mortality and Diplodia shoot blight, the Stella Jones Tie Mill at Bangor to view mill activities and discuss utilization of potentially pest-infested wood, and a treatment sites to view and discuss oak wilt control. On Wednesday evening a banquet dinner was held at the Radisson, with after dinner speaker on forensic entomology.

On Thursday morning, paricipants braved a light rain to complete the fun run/walk before breakfast.  After breakfast, the indoor sessions continued, with updates on exotic invasives, including sudden oak death, emerald ash borer, hemlock woolly adelgid, and sirex woodwasp. The meeting concluded at 12:00 noon .

A poster session was available for viewing throughout the meeting.

Detailed agenda is available here: Link icon.


  • There were over 90 registered participants.
  • Each registrant received an NCFPW custom engraved wooden pen. Speakers were each presented with a turned wooden goblet engraved with the meeting logo.
  • Approximately 20 posters were displayed at the meeting.
  • The weather was great for the field trip and riverboat cruise.
  • Tasty insect snacks peaked everyone’s (well, maybe not EVERYone’s) appetite.
  • Val Cervenka’s talk about forensic entomology was probably the most unusual topic!
  • At the business meeting, the group decided to pursue formalization as a tax exempt nonprofit organization. Minutes from the business meeting can be found here: Link icon.

Registration and Costs
The general registration fee in 2005 was $150/person, including the mixer, 3 breakfasts, 1 lunch, field trip transport and lunch, the riverboat tour with pizza, the banquet, and all breaks. Discounted rates are available for students, spouse/guest and single day.
Accommodation costs to stay at the Radisson hotel were $62/night per single room, $92/night per double.

Thanks to the organizing committee
Jane Cummings Carlson, Wisconsin DNR
Bria Radtke, Wisconsin DNR
Todd Lanigan, Wisconsin DNR
Ken Raffa, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Linda Haugen, USDA Forest Service


On the field trip, Steve Bratkovich talked about utilization of pest damaged trees as wood products.

Photo by Joseph O'Brien

Because of regional concerns with tree removal due to emerald ash borer, utilization was a riveting topic.

Photo by Joseph O'Brien    

Another field trip topic of regional interest was oak wilt disease. Kyoko Scanlon talked about control of oak wilt in Wisconsin.

Photo by Joseph O'Brien

Jenny Juzwick highlights oak wilt research and Minnesota's efforts to control oak wilt .

Photo by Joseph O'Brien    

Nadir Ebilgin was one of the speakers about red pine pocket decline.

Photo by Jane Cummings Carlson.
  The participants listen to information about red pine damage agents.
Photo by Jane Cummings Carlson    
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