Minutes from 2006 NCFPW in Pellston, MI, October 4, 2006


Approximately 60 people attended the 2006 NCFPW in MI. There was no official count of number in attendance at the business meeting, but it was probably around 40 people. Four items of business were addressed:

1) Over the past year a subcommittee (members of subcommittee included Linda Haugen, USDA Forest Service; Bob Haack, USDA Forest Service; Keith Knowles, Manitoba Natural Resources; Richard Wilson, Ontario Natural Resources; Jane Cummings Carlson, WI DNR; Bruce Moltzan, MO Dept. of Conservation; Alan Jones, Minnesota DNR; Ron Murray, MI DNR; and Joe O’Brien, USDA Forest Service) had worked to develop a draft constitution and bylaws for the NCFPW.  These documents were presented for a vote.  After a brief discussion, the constitution and bylaws were overwhelmingly passed by a show of hands. 

2) The second item of business was election of officers for the newly formed organizational structure of NCFPW.  A slate of officers was nominated as follows:
Chair of Board of Representatives (3 year term): Andrea Diss Torrance, WI DNR
Treasurer (5 year term): Toby Petrice, USDA FS Northern Research Station
Historian (5 year term): Linda Haugen, USDA FS Forest Health Protection
Member at Large (3 year term): Richard Wilson, Ontario Natural Resources
Member at Large (3 year term): Linda Christianson, Manitoba Natural Resources
Member at Large (3 year term): Bruce Moltzan, Missouri Department of Conservation
Member at Large (3 year term):  John Witter, University of Michigan
This slate was unanimously approved by a show of hands.

3) A vote was taken to authorize the officers to proceed with paperwork to file for non-profit status… e.g. a 501(c)3 charitable organization according to the US tax code.  This also was approved.

4) Finally, we discussed the location for the 2007 meeting.  According to the traditional rotation, a “southern tier” state would be next up to host, but no southern participant was prepared to commit to hosting in 2007.  The next host location on the rotation is Minnesota.  Mike Albers agreed that Minnesota will host next year, with the Workshop Coordinator and the location to be named at a later date.  Meanwhile, the group felt we should start to queue up the hosting location for 2008.  If a southern tier state (perhaps Indiana?) would like to step into the rotation for 2008 that would certainly be considered.  Otherwise Canada (perhaps Manitoba) would be next on the rotation.


Respectfully submitted,
Linda Haugen,

NCFPW Historian