Results of the 1998 NCFPW Slide Contest
The traditional slide contest was held at the 1998 NCFPW during the ice cream social on Tuesday September 15th. There were five categories: Scientific/Technical Entomology, Scientific/Technical Pathology, Scientific/Technical Other, Scenic/Artistic and Fun/Amusing. Contestant's slides were shown to the group and winners selected by "secret ballot". First and second place winners received books related to Iowa trees or ecology. Iowa State University Press generously donated the books. The winners, by category, were:
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Scientific/Technical, Entomology
1st: Dwight Scarbrough 2nd: Kristen Haberkern
{Pine engraver galleries}
Pine engraver beetle galleries
{Resting forest tent caterpillar}
A resting forest tent caterpillar

Scientific/Technical, Pathology
1st: Linda Haugen 2nd: Dwight Scarbrough
{Oak wilt's calling card}
Oak wilt's calling card
{Dwarf mistletoe on ponderosa pine}
Dwarf mistletoe on ponderosa pine
Scientific/Technical, Other
1st: John Luhman 2nd: Dwight Scarbrough
{Todra Gorge: Agro-forestry}
Todra Gorge: Agro-forestry 1972, South Morocco Desert
{Installing callibrated spray nozzle}
Installing calibrated spray nozzle assembly on aircraft
1st: Linda Haugen 2nd: John Walkowiak
{Ischnoderma resinosum}
Ischnoderma resinosum on rotting log
{Bryce Canyon}
Bryce Canyon
1st: Linda Haugen 2nd: Dwight Scarbrough
{Native, natural enemy of ALHB}
A native, natural enemy of Asian long-horned beetle
(Dennis Haugen)
{Pillsbury doughboy}
Even the Pillsbury Doughboy wants to help with gypsy moth spraying
(Mike Connor)

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